'Dragon Ball Super' Animator Tries Various Artists' Hands at Goku in New Sketch

One of Dragon Ball Super fans' favorite animators in the franchise is Yuya Takahashi because of [...]

One of Dragon Ball Super fans' favorite animators in the franchise is Yuya Takahashi because of how well Takahashi seems to capture the nostalgic feelings fans had when watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z in their heyday.

Takahashi recently flexed much of his muscles with a new sketch shared to Twitter in which he adapts and takes on many different artists' take on Goku. You can check it out below.

As fans can see in the sketch above, Takahashi shows many different sides of Goku from different points in the anime's franchise history. Starting with his most recent interpretations in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, followed by a look more reminiscent from the Namek saga in Z, the harder edged, boxier version of the character seen in Dragon Ball Super, a more damaged take from the earlier sagas, his final look in Dragon Ball GT, and one more reminiscent of his pared down look when in Super Saiyan God form.

Takahashi's animated scenes are some of the most well-received among fans of the anime franchise, and it's not hard to see why given how well he seems to adapt to different forms of Goku. He was one of the many talented animators brought on to work on Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which featured one of the most dramatic shifts to Goku's design yet. Surely fans will be hoping he comes back to the franchise should it continue in some fashion in the future.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is now open in theaters worldwide, and has already gone on to have a bigger lifetime gross than Dragonball: Evolution. Funimation brought the film to the United States on January 16, and tickets for the film are now on sale. You can read ComicBook.com's spoiler-free review of the film here, and Dragon Ball Super: Broly is described as such:

"A planet destroyed, a powerful race reduced to nothing. After the devastation of Planet Vegeta, three Saiyans were scattered among the stars, destined for different fates. While two found a home on Earth, the third was raised with a burning desire for vengeance and developed an unbelievable power. And the time for revenge has come. Destinies collide in a battle that will shake the universe to its very core! Goku is back to training hard so he can face the most powerful foes the universes have to offer, and Vegeta is keeping up right beside him. But when they suddenly find themselves against an unknown Saiyan, they discover a terrible, destructive force. Locked into battle with the formidable Broly, Goku and Vegeta face their most dangerous opponent yet!"