Dragon Ball Super: Here Is What Jiren Could Look Like In A Live Action Movie

When it comes to Dragon Ball nobody wants to talk about live action films, especially after the [...]

When it comes to Dragon Ball nobody wants to talk about live action films, especially after the last time it was attempted. Dragon Ball Evolution was horrible for so many reasons, with fans hating it and calling it the worst live-action film derived from an anime ever. However, Evolution isn't the sole attempt someone has made in creating a Dragon Ball film either, with the Taiwan version called Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins not being the greatest much better.

However, despite these ordinary attempts to make a Dragon Ball live-action film, fans still want to know what some characters would look like in real life. One of those characters fans want to see is Jiren from Universe 11. Apart from Whis, the Pride Trooper could possibly be Goku's strongest opponent to date and that includes Universe 7's God of Destruction in Beerus. That is why fans have fallen in love with the incredibly powerful character and it's also why BossLogic has created a live-action version of Jiren, just to show fans what he would look like in real life.

The fight between Goku and Jiren was something all Dragon Ball Super fans have been patiently waited for, with all of Goku's transformations and techniques being ineffective against Jiren. Even the Spirit Bomb was unable to defeat Jiren, which caused Goku to unlock a new form called Mastery of Self Movement, however, he couldn't maintain the form for long. The battle between Goku and Jiren isn't over, with the skirmish ending yes, however; the fight will continue a little later with Hit now stepping in.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

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