Dragon Ball Super Creator Reveals Official Name for Cell's New Form

If you haven't already heard, Dragon Ball is finally bringing back the iconic Dragon Ball Z villain Cell for the modern Dragon Ball Super series. Cell's return has been a not-so-secret twist in the final act of the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie – but the Cell we're getting may not be quite like the character a lot fans remember from DBZ. Now that Dragon Ball Super Hero is playing in Japanese theaters, series creator Akira Toriyama is able to speak more freely about some of the game-changing new ideas the film introduces – including an explanation of the new form of Cell we're getting in Super Hero


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The plot of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero sees the Red Ribbon Army of the original Dragon Ball series and Dragon Ball Z's Cell Arc return with new android creations. The climax of Super Hero sees Gohan and Piccolo have to take on mad scientist Dr. Hedo's ultimate creation – which we now know is officially named Cell Max! 

In a new interview (translated by @Herms98), Akira Toriyama reveals the official "Cell Max" name, while also explaining his concept for the new version of the villain: 

"Cell was a fearsomely powerful foe created by Dr. Gero through the manipulation of cells. This time around, Gero's grandson Hedo used his genius to create Cell Max, a bigger, stronger version based on the original Cell's blueprints. However, Hedo only created Cell Max because it was what Magenta wanted, so he isn't very fond of Cell Max himself."

(Photo: Toei Films)

Toriyama later continued by describing Cell Max as "a garishly-colored giant who just rampages around screaming, so I feel kinda bad for the voice actor. And he's such a veteran voice actor, too. I'm so sorry." 


As Toriyama indicated, Cell Max will not be the cunning villain from DBZ so much as a hulking, screaming, monster: "If Cell Max had been completed according to plan, he would have been a superhuman who even Broly . The latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailers aren't hiding the reveal: Toei is now putting Cell Max in footage released to the public – which is probably a smart move. Dragon Ball fans have been waiting literal decades for this. 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is out in Japan. It will hit US theaters in August.