Dragon Ball Wraps Future Trunks' Reunion With Future Gohan

The 'Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promo anime gave fans a nice nod toward Future Trunks and Future Gohan's long-awaited reunion.

Dragon Ball fans are getting the thrill of seeing iconic Dragon Ball Z characters Future Trunks and Future Gohan get another moment in the spotlight! 

Future Gohan & Future Trunks' Connection Explained

Future Trunks has one of the more convoluted character arcs of any Dragon Ball character. Being from a potential future of the Dragon Ball Universe puts an asterisk over Future Trunks' entire backstory; between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, there have been two Future Trunks characters from two different futures: one where Dr. Gero's androids ran amok and slaughtered the Z-Fighters; and one where former Kai Zamasu became Goku Black and laid waste to multiple worlds and timelines. 

In both versions of Future Trunks, it tends to be a major canon event that an older version of Gohan (Future Gohan) was his mentor. In the original Dragon Ball Z Android Saga, Future Gohan ended up being one of the last men standing amongst the Z-Fighters, losing one arm and gaining some serious facial scars in his battles. 

Ever since some minor flashback sequences in DBZ, Future Gohan has had a fan club hoping that we'd get to see a bigger role from this hard-edged version of Gohan. So far, the closest we've come is seeing Gohan level up in the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime just finished its "Supreme Kai of Time" Arc – a much bigger twist on Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power Arc. A former Supreme Kai of Time (Aeos) and the current holder of the job (Chronoa) came into conflict and chose the resolution of a tournament of fighters gathered from across the Dragon Ball multiverse. 

Naturally, that framework of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' latest arc has allowed for some of the wildest fights the series has ever seen – and that's really saying something. This particular arc took the fan-service battle matchups so far that at one point it was Goku's father figure Grandpa Gohan vs. his mentor Master Roshi – that's how deep-cut things have gotten. 

The "Supreme Kai of Time" Arc also settled one of the biggest debates that's been hanging over the Dragon Ball franchise for the last few years – namely which is stronger: Ultra Instinct or Super Saiyan 4? Turns out that Dragon Ball Super's Goku and his Ultra Instinct power was able to best Xeno Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 form, suggesting that the focused edge of UI is greater than the harnessed fury of a Saiyan Great Ape, combined with the limit breaks of a Super Saiyan. 

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