Dragon Ball Settles Who'd Win: Super Saiyan 4 or Ultra Instinct?

Dragon Ball Heroes settles the debate of who'd win between Ultra Instinct Goku or Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

It seems the debate will never end. Since Dragon Ball began, Goku has been gaining power, and he's come a long way since we met him. From unlocking his Saiyan powers to tapping into godly gifts, Goku has done it all. Now, the franchise has finally settled a popular debate involving Goku's various forms, so if you want to know whether Ultra Instinct could beat Super Saiyan 4, we have an answer.

Spoiler alert! It turns out the canon got things right according to Dragon Ball. Ultra Instinct may have been unlocked by Goku before Super Saiyan 4 cropped up, but it is the stronger form.

The update came today courtesy of Super Dragon Ball Heroes as the PR anime released a new episode. It was there fans reunited with Goku as she and our heroes were pitted against their worst nightmares. A new multiverse tournament has begun, after all, and it pits Goku against Goku. So when one transformed into Super Saiyan 4, the other Goku went Ultra Instinct.

As you can see above, the ensuing battle proves the two forms are insanely strong, but there can only be one winner. Ultra Instinct Goku got the hand up on Super Saiyan 4. The latter form may have more raw strength added in, but Ultra Instinct's uncanny speed is hard to counter.

With this debate settled, fans re wondering how Ultra Instinct could overstep Super Saiyan 4. The godly form was introduced in Dragon Ball Super which takes place well before Dragon Ball GT. You would expect the canon's forms to get stronger as the timeline continues but that is not the case here. But as Dragon Ball expands, there is always a chance we'll uncover more to Super Saiyan 4 than we saw coming.

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