'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals The Secret To Beating Jiren

Over the years, Dragon Ball has introduced its share of villains. The fellows with the Red Ribbon [...]

Over the years, Dragon Ball has introduced its share of villains. The fellows with the Red Ribbon Army kicked things off before Freeza and Cell could come through. Dragon Ball Super opened the door for guys like Goku Black, but few of these baddies have been as over-powered as Jiren.

When it comes to this Pride Trooper, fans weren't sure if anyone could beat him. However, those thoughts were washed this weekend, and it was no thanks to Goku.

Sorry, man.

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku and Vegeta got knocked hard by Jiren. The pair were taken down by the Pride Trooper with very little effort, but Android 17 managed to revive hope when he discovered a weakness in Jiren's plot armor.

After Jiren uppercutted a Kamehameha, Android 17 was able to sneak behind him and hit him with an energy blast at point-blank range. The attack was so close that it injured 17, but it also did a bit of damage to Jiren. The Z-Fighter barely escaped the attack alive, but the exchange confirmed there is a hole in Jiren's defenses.

Android 17 explained that even Jiren can be injured if he's hit by such a big surprise attack. The hero teamed up with Goku and Vegeta to put his strategy into motion, but Jiren wised up. He added extra defense to his latest power up, and 17 did not get the chance to sneak up on Jiren before giving up his own life to save his Saiyan comrades. It will fall to Goku and Vegeta to exploit 17's strategy now, but fans are not sure if they'll be able to. After all, it seems like Vegeta is standing on his last leg these days...

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