Dragon Ball Super Illustrator Shares the Inspiration Behind Ultra Ego

The artist of Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro, has wasted little time in leaving his mark on the Shonen series, introducing us to new transformations such as Vegeta's Ultra Ego. In a recent interview, the artist that originally got his start creating fan manga for the world of Dragon Ball dove into the creation of the new form for the Prince of the Saiyans, while also exploring how the transformation came about thanks in part to a reflection of Ultra Instinct as well as Vegeta's training with Beerus and Whis throughout the Shonen series. 

In the latest interview, Toyotaro confirms that it was his idea for the latest transformation of Vegeta, stating that "it was me who came up with the name and its design. After that, when I showed it to Toriyama-Sensei, he gave me a green light. Ultra Ego has a similar meaning and fell on the Ultra Instinct transformation but with a different undertone, you might say. Plus, "Ego" fits the character so well and that's how we got Ultra Ego."

Toyotaro then took the opportunity to state how both "Instinct" and "Ego" are "similar but depending on the kanji, or the reading, Instinct becomes your body moves on your own right? So that's Ultra Instinct. Ego, on the other hand, is "doing as you please," right? In short, it's the difference between your body moving freely and moving your body freely. I did worry calling it "Ultra Ego" was a bit too obvious, but it was an interesting one." 

Unfortunately for Vegeta, Ultra Ego was not enough to topple the final member of the Cerealian race, with Granolah managing to make himself the strongest being in the universe thanks in part to his world's Dragon Balls. With the Heeters wishing for one of their members to swipe the title of strongest from Granolah, it seems as though the Saiyan Prince has begun to realize that the only way he is going to survive is by teaming up with the intergalactic bounty hunter, especially following the revelations of just who was responsible for the destruction of the Planet Cereal and most of its inhabitants.

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Via DBS Chronicles