Dragon Ball Super Will Release New Details on Ultra Ego Vegeta Soon

Dragon Ball Super has a ton of power boosts to its name, but some are obviously more popular than others. Ultra Instinct Goku is leading the pack right now, but Vegeta is ready to challenge with his own new form. Ultra Ego is a compelling transformation that was passed down from Beerus, so you can see why the form is so hyped. And soon, Dragon Ball fans are going to get a big update on Vegeta's special power. 

The whole update has made its way online ahead of Jump Festa, one of the biggest anime events in Japan each year. The big convention will go down in under two weeks, and Dragon Ball Super will have a panel on the main stage. And if a new rumor is right, the event will give fans their first look at Ultra Ego Vegeta in color.

This news comes courtesy of fan-sites like Chronicles who dig through all things Jump Festa. It seems Ultra Ego Vegeta will get the spotlight at the convention soon, and fans shouldn't be too surprised. After all, Jump Festa has welcomed some important Dragon Ball Super artwork in the past. In a year past, artist Toyotaro debuted Ultra Instinct Goku's color scheme at Jump Festa with a sketch. And now, Vegeta is about to enjoy the same treatment.

Of course, fans have their own ideas for Ultra Ego, and many have shared their takes online. Vegeta fans have long predicted the form's hair to be purple, and fan-art has drawn Ultra Ego Vegeta with a violet aura. This stems from the form's origins and the fact that Hakai has a purple hue. Soon, Dragon Ball Super will confirm or deny those theories, so fans better put further their concept art before Toyotaro lays down the law. And if the form doesn't give Vegeta purple hair, well – here's to hoping he gets some lilac highlights instead!

What do you think about this latest Dragon Ball Super, update? Do you have high expectations for Vegeta's new form? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.