Dragon Ball Super Courts Dread with a Foreboding Prophecy

Dragon Ball Super has made it clear that Goku is never going to catch a break. The hero has long [...]

Dragon Ball Super has made it clear that Goku is never going to catch a break. The hero has long dreamed of being the best warrior in the universe, and if he wants to take that title, Goku will have to keep on fighting any villain who gets in his way. Recently, it was Moro who got Goku riled up in battle, and it seems a teaser in the manga promises more bad news.

The moment itself comes in chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super. The new chapter pushes forward the series' latest arc in a special way. The whole thing begins with a careful look at the villain Granolah, but things take a turn when the Oracle Fish comes into focus with Whis.

As it turns out, the fish has some bad news to portend, and he hasn't even had to say a word. In fact, Whis is the one who discerns the dreadful future ahead of Universe 7, and all it took was a sleep-deprived fish to do so.

"Fun fact," Whis tells Goku and Vegeta. "The Oracle Fish suffering from lack of sleep is a bad omen for the future."

As you can imagine, Vegeta and Beerus were not thrilled by this news. Whis admits a sleepless fish can be totally normal, but the angel seems to know better than that. The look on his face says it all when he delivers the news. So as it turns out, Goku will get to fight someone new before long.

Of course, the end of this Dragon Ball Super chapter makes things even tenser when the Oracle Fish finally spills his vision. The creature says he sees the birth of the universe's greatest warrior on the horizon. There is no telling who the fish is talking about, sadly. And if he is not talking about Goku, well - Earth is going to be in trouble once more.

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