Dragon Ball Super Teases More Godly Powers to Rival Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super is teasing more god powers that rival Ultra Instinct! Now that Goku has [...]

Dragon Ball Super is teasing more god powers that rival Ultra Instinct! Now that Goku has officially mastered reaching the Ultra Instinct state at will following the fight with Planet Eater Moro, the next step is potentially taking it to the next level and mastering it as much as the angels have. But with Goku reaching power in this angelic new fashion, Vegeta has become worried about surpassing Goku in his own way. But as Beerus teases, Vegeta might not be out of the running yet as there seem to be even more powers that can rival Ultra Instinct.

Chapter 68 of the series sees Goku training to better use the Ultra Instinct state, but Vegeta has already made up his mind to pursue a different kind of power as Ultra Instinct's need for calmness and tranquility does not suit his fighting style. Beerus reveals that it's a technique used by the angels, and the Gods of Destruction have some abilities of their own.

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Not only does he continue this by teasing that Vegeta can watch while Beerus practices some of these godly abilities (and thus potentially learn from them), this opens up a door to Vegeta's own path to power. Vegeta was essentially taken out of the running as he grew frustrated in the fight against Planet Eater Moro. Wanting to fight smarter and not harder, he tried to find new techniques on Yardrat. But at the end of the day, Goku's Ultra Instinct is what defeated Moro.

This most likely leaves Vegeta even more frustrated than before, and his new training with Beerus could lead to Vegeta learning techniques like Hakai. Although Hakai seemed to be the only technique from the Gods of Destruction, it's arguable that Beerus and the other gods were even holding back some of the other techniques. There is still a whole bunch we don't know about how the gods and their powers work, and that includes how high the ceiling is. But the good news for Vegeta is, he's not out of the race just yet.

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