Dragon Ball Super Promo Teases Vegeta's Dark Goal

Dragon Ball Super has put up with a lot from Vegeta over its run. Ever since the character made [...]

Dragon Ball Super has put up with a lot from Vegeta over its run. Ever since the character made his big debut, the fighter has suffered from all sorts of complexes, and they never end up in his favor. That is why fans were excited when Vegeta showed some growth in his battle with Moro, but it seems a new update may be walking that maturity back a few steps.

The whole thing came to light this week when Dragon Ball Super put out a new chapter promo. The preview gives fans a small peek at what they can expect from chapter 74. And as it turns out, Vegeta is going full evil in his fight against Granolah.

As you can see above, the sneak preview shows the Saiyan as he faces his new foe, and he does try to deescalate the whole situation. Granolah is not willing to listen when Vegeta explains that Frieza is their shared enemy. This dismissal is not met well, and Vegeta wipes his hands of it. This is when he goes full chaotic-evil, and Vegeta tells Granolah he plans to eradicate the Cerealian race by killing the sniper.

This statement is a weighty one to make, and it certainly reflects on Vegeta in an iffy way. After all, there is never an excuse to propagate genocide of any type, but Vegeta is fine with the Cerealians being wiped out thanks to his temper. This same anger is what led the Saiyan to destroy much of the Namekians, and it wasn't too long ago Dragon Ball fans watch Vegeta repent his part in that destruction.

But as always, Vegeta has lost his temper. The hero seems to have lost touch with the penance he felt just an arc ago, so who knows if Vegeta will reconnect with it. It seems Granolah still has a lot to do before he even considers dying, so fans aren't worried about Vegeta succeeding here. But in the end, it is the thought that counts...

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