Dragon Ball Super Shares New Preview of Chapter 74

Dragon Ball Super has shared a new preview of Chapter 74 of the manga! Dragon Ball Super's [...]

Dragon Ball Super has shared a new preview of Chapter 74 of the manga! Dragon Ball Super's Granolah the Survivor arc of the series has reached a new fight with the previous chapter of the series as Goku had surprisingly lost his first bout against the titular Granolah even when it was revealed that he had reached a new level of his Ultra Instinct mastery. The fight against Granolah had revealed that Goku still had some major training to go through, and the end of the chapter also teased that Vegeta would be taking his turn next.

The next chapter of the series has been quite the wait for fans as Vegeta's fight against Granolah will officially kick off with Chapter 74, and now fans have gotten a much fuller look at this next release. Following the release of the first panel of the chapter, Dragon Ball's official website has released a much fuller look with the rough drafts for the first few pages of Chapter 74 of the series! You can find the chapters through the official announcement from its official Twitter below:

As the previous chapter's cliffhanger teased, Chapter 74 of the series will be kicking off Vegeta's fight against Granolah. The first few pages of the chapter sees the two of them having a short conversation before the two of them inevitably get into their fight as well. This time things are different for Vegeta going into the fight than many of the other foes he has faced in the past as well as there's a good chance that he could end up winning the fight before the chapter comes to an end.

The manga's next chapter will officially be hitting Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library on July 20th. Fans can keep up with the three most recently released chapters of the series completely for free, and thankfully it's also not the only new Dragon Ball thing to look forward to in the coming weeks as Toei Animation will also be having a special panel for Dragon Ball Super's next movie at Comic-Con @ Home 2021.

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