Did Dragon Ball Super Make a Big Error with Bardock's Latest Fight?

Dragon Ball Super dropped its latest chapter on fans pretty recently, and you would think readers have combed through it already. For the most part, that is right as Goku and Vegeta will have to battle a newly awakened Gas before long. However, it seems there is one thing plaguing fans about the update, and it all has to do with an error involving Bardock.    

After all, you think you know a guy, but things can change quickly when you're dealing with a Saiyan. The most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super omitted something important about Bardock, and fans are trying to figure out whether it was done in error... or on purpose.

The whole situation can be found above as the new chapter featured a flashback to Bardock. It was there fans saw the Saiyan fight Gas in his awakened state, and this villainous form has our heroes on the rope in the present day. Vegeta and Goku don't know how the old man defeated Gas, and the baddie flashes to Bardock after seeing Goku.

As you can see above, Bardock looks bloodied and bruised, but we know he ends up beating Gas. Goku's dad is covered in a bright aura that is new, but the wild thing is his tail. Bardock's Saiyan tail is missing, and that goes against everything we know about the fighter.

Fans have been told Bardock had his Saiyan Tail until his death, and this was shown when Goku's dad made a last stand against Frieza. However, Dragon Ball Super inks the fighter without his tail here, and it does so more than once. There are five panels in a row that cut Bardock's tail, and fans aren't convinced it was a mistake. It would be one thing to forget the tail once or twice, but five times is a stretch. And moreover, about two weeks have passed since these panels went live and no corrections have been addressed.

If something was wrong with these shots, there is a good chance Shueisha would have acknowledged them by now. After all, the whole fandom is buzzing about the omission, but we haven't heard a peep. Now, the fanbase is thinking Bardock might have unlocked a power when fighting Gas that temporarily rid him of his tail. So if that is the case, Goku is going to need to unlock the power ASAP.

What do you think of this possible slip-up? Do you believe i did this on purpose? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.