Dragon Ball Super Shares Goku's Strategy to Avoid Moro's Absorption Technique

In the latest installment of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Goku has found himself face to face with [...]

In the latest installment of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Goku has found himself face to face with the energy stealing sorcerer that goes by the villain known as Moro! With the Saiyan warrior having to undergo some serious training in order to not only increase his power level but gain a better understanding of the Ultra Instinct transformation, Goku has concocted a scheme in order to avoid Moro's energy swiping abilities and attempt to save his friends and the Earth at large. With this latest battle in full swing, will Goku's new plan be enough to take down the horned villain?

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 59 of Dragon Ball Super's Manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory for the recent installment of the Moro Arc!

Goku has finally arrived back on Earth and stands toe to toe with Moro, though the wizard's ability to steal energy has made battling him difficult for the Saiyans and all other characters that make up the protagonists of the Z Fighters! With Goku learning how to master the technique he calls "Ultra Instinct Sign", the Saiyan warrior can transform into this level at his discretion though it comes with the added caveat of draining his stamine at a frantic pace. Stamina has had a big role within Dragon Ball Super, with this new transformation for Goku being similar to that of Super Saiyan 3, allowing for a big power upgrade but only being maintained for a short period of time.

With Moro unleashing the full extent of his power, Goku has been employing some super fast speed and reflexes in order to essentially "dodge" Moro's ability to absorb his energy, essentially making it impossible for the villain to get a bead on the Saiyan and his ki.

Moro has created an interesting dilemma for the Z Fighters, presenting a villain that they simply cannot over power or blast away, causing both Goku and Vegeta to go to extreme, unorthodox lengths to take down the horned wizard. While Goku has been focusing on the transformation of Ultra Instinct, Vegeta has been learning entirely new techniques with the aliens of the Planet Yardrat who taught Goku how to use the technique of Instant Transmission!

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