Dragon Ball Super Shares Chapter 74 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super is pushing forward with one of its biggest arcs to date, and it has fans [...]

Dragon Ball Super is pushing forward with one of its biggest arcs to date, and it has fans flooding the manga. While the anime gets ready to tackle a new movie, Dragon Ball Super is keeping on with its manga as always. And now, fans know when the series will put out its next chapter.

The update came when Dragon Ball Super put out its new chapter, and it was there fans got lots of action-packed updates. Goku continued his battle with Granolah before Vegeta stepped into the ring by the end of chapter 73. As for the next chapter, well - Shueisha will publish it on July 20, 2021.

The chapter will be part of V-Jump's September issue, so Goku will get plenty of focus. After all, the hero is the star of the franchise, and Vegeta isn't going to handle Granolah on his own. It will take a combination of the Saiyans to do anything here, so fans can look forward to that.

As for what's going on in the Dragon Ball Super manga, things are looking complicated all thanks to Granolah. The mysterious sniper was introduced following the defeat of Moro, and he has bad blood with the Saiyan race. After the warriors destroyed his people under Freeza's order, Granolah has dreamt of getting revenge, and the arrival of Goku has made that possible.

The only problem is that this revenge was orchestrated by the Heeters, a thuggish organization that wants to take down Freeza. The group secretly caused Granolah's hardship years ago, and they want the Saiyans and Granolah to kill each other in battle. But as we all know, Goku rarely if ever goes to plan with what others want.

Want to read Dragon Ball Super for yourself? The manga is published stateside by Viz Media. You can find a number of volumes in print at your local bookstore, and up-to-date chapters are published online through Viz's digital vault.

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