Dragon Ball Super Art Perfectly Imagines Goku as an Old Man

Dragon Ball has been all about Goku since it began. The Saiyan has become one of the biggest icons [...]

Dragon Ball has been all about Goku since it began. The Saiyan has become one of the biggest icons in anime, and fans continue to rally behind the fighter each day. Of course, millions are eager to see where Goku's adventures take him, and the franchise is keen on seeing that interest to the end. And now, one fan has skipped some steps by imagining how Goku might look when he's much much older.

The artwork comes from Reddit user Darksideva as you can see below. They decided to give Goku a makeover in the vein of Master Roshi. After all, even Saiyans get old and age, so Goku will one day rock a head full of grey hair.

"This was based on a rendition of old Goku by Toriyama, plus I gave him a bit of grandpa Gohan with his clothes and design, the initial caption I had put up with this was: "Did you hear about that crazy old hermit who teaches anyone martial arts so long as they bring him some delicious food? He often talks about his late wife who was a great cook...," the artist shared.

As you can see, Goku is channeling Master Roshi in this shot given his big mustache and comfy clothes. His top calls back to Goku's orange gi, and he still bears the insignia of Roshi's school. Of course, Goku is rocking his same wild hair, but it is colored entirely gray. And even after all this time, the Saiyan is still riding the Flying Nimbus to and fro.

As the artist's caption notes, this Dragon Ball fan-art was done to see where Goku might be in years from now. Saiyans do have long lives, but we know from King Vegeta and Broly's father that they age all the same. It will be a long time before Goku and even Vegeta are this old, but the world will go on around them. Their family and friends might change or pass in that time. But when Goku reaches this point in his life, well - let's hope the hero still has a bit of fight left in him.

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