Dragon Ball Super: A Full Guide to Filler Episodes

It has been years since a new episode of Dragon Ball Super went live, but the show is thriving [...]

It has been years since a new episode of Dragon Ball Super went live, but the show is thriving even today. With a new film in the works, Goku and Vegeta are keeping fans in the loop with their manga, and netizens are still finding their latest show by the droves. Of course, this means fans new and old are curious which bits of Dragon Ball Super are filler, and we've got everything you need to know about those asides.

When it comes to being an efficient marathoner, you have to consider how much filler a show has. Dragon Ball Super is no different, and it does have some side episodes to consider. In fact, out of the anime's entire run, 9.3% of its episodes are considered fillers.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Goku Movie
(Photo: Toei Animation)

If you want to avoid fillers, you need to skip over 14 total episodes. They are episodes 4, 15, 42-46, 68-70, and 73-76. These asides focus on everything from Pilaf to Mr. Satan and even the Great Saiyaman. Obviously, some of them might grab your attention, and they do fill out the world of Dragon Ball Super with some solid humor. In fact, episode 69 and 75 are considered must-sees by some fans, but it is up to you to decide your tolerance for fillers.

Unlike some shonen series, Dragon Ball Super has a low percentage of filler episodes, so the ones above are the only you need to consider. The rest of the series is canon thanks to the manga and a few anime films. And while on the topic of movies, you need to remember that Dragon Ball Super: Broly is considered canon to the show.

The film, which debuted back in 2018, takes place after Dragon Ball Super ended the Tournament of Power. The film's events are referenced briefly in the manga, so Broly is absolutely canon. This means you definitely need to check out the big-screen outing, and fans suspect Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes will be canon just the same when it debuts next year.

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