Dragon Ball Super Unveils Vegeta's Official Ultra Ego Colors

Ultra Ego Vegeta has become the Dragon Ball fandom's new obsession, and it is hard to blame the community for falling so hard. Ever since the transformation debuted this fall, Vegeta has been on a high, and fans are loving his turn in the manga's latest arc. Of course, the only thing they've been missing all this time is a simple color palate. Ultra Ego has kept its colors close to chest, but creator Toyotaro is mending the gap. After all, a new piece of his artwork has gone live, and it shows how Vegeta rocks the form in color. 

The update comes thanks to Toyotaro just as the artist promised. The creator, who does all the artwork for Dragon Ball Super's manga, did tell fans he would show a new side of Ultra Ego Vegeta at the event. Now, his artwork has gone live, and the piece debuts the form's official color scheme.

And yes, the whole fandom nailed this form ahead of time. Ultra Ego gives Vegeta a vibrant purple makeover, and this official look has fans rightfully obsessed.

As you can see above, the Dragon Ball Super artwork gives Vegeta and Goku a chibi-esque makeover alongside Granolah. The trio is shown fighting as the latter launches an attack on our heroes. Ultra Instinct Goku is in the back with his silver hair, but Vegeta isn't quite the same. The hero has taken on his Ultra Ego form, and his hair has been dyed violet as such.

This look was predicted long ago by fans, and Ultra Ego's ties to Beerus only solidified the theory. Beerus' purple design always sat well with readers, so it was easy to imagine Ultra Ego borrowing the hue. Now, Vegeta has unlocked a form with a different color scheme from anything Goku has. So if the Saiyan ever feels like standing out, well – this power boost will do the trick.

What do you think about this official take on Ultra Ego Vegeta? Is this how you imagined the Dragon Ball form looking...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.