‘Dragon Ball Super’ Preview Hints At Vegeta Surpassing Super Saiyan Blue

When it comes to power, Vegeta always wants more. The Saiyan is similar to Goku in how they both [...]

When it comes to power, Vegeta always wants more. The Saiyan is similar to Goku in how they both relish strength, but the latter never fails to one-up Vegeta when it counts. Goku always seems to outdo Vegeta in power, but it seems like that trend may get bucked in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.

This weekend, the anime made its comeback following a short hiatus, and its new episode had a lot to digest. Dragon Ball Super pitted Vegeta against Jiren in an explosive fight, but the Saiyan found himself squashed by the Pride Trooper in the end. When the anime returns next week, it will see Goku fail to so much as phase Jiren, but Vegeta may make the Universe 11 fighter pause.

Toei Animation has released the preview for episode 123, and the clip outright teases Vegeta surpassing Super Saiyan Blue. The reel, which can be seen above, has Goku doing a voiceover hinting at the power surge.

"Just then, Vegeta awakens to an amazing power beyond Super Saiyan Blue," Goku says. "That's it. Hit Jiren with all of that power!"

So far, there is no word on whether Vegeta is actually about to unveil a new form of Super Saiyan Blue. The teaser simply says the fighter will unlock a power greater than the state, and that is what has pushed fans to theorize about SSB 2. Anime fans would be happy for another level of the form to appear, but manga readers think they already know what Vegeta is actually up to.

In the manga, a completed form of Super Saiyan Blue was created during the 'Future Trunks' arc. Goku unlocked the power first as he used the leveled-up SSB form against Fused Zamasu, and Vegeta later used the form against Beerus during a spar. The anime has yet to introduce the power-up, but Vegeta could be the first to whip it out against Jiren. And, if that happens, then Goku can learn what it is like to feel jealous of someone for a change.

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