Dragon Ball Creator Breaks Down Gohan's New Form

Warning! Major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to follow! Dragon Ball Super is now making its way through theaters across Japan, and the creator behind the franchise is opening up about how Gohan's new form came to be in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! Although it won't be making its way through theaters around the rest of the world until later this Summer, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is rounding out its first month in theaters overseas. It had been holding back on its promotional materials for quite a while, but now has begun revealing in full many of the biggest moments and evolutions fans were able to see in the movie.  

Many of the major elements from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have been revealed through official promotional materials, and it's been revealed that Gohan actually unlocks a brand new form during the climax of the film. It's teased to be stronger than any other form he's had until now, and series creator Akira Toriyama opened up about how he designed Gohan's new form. Originally having trouble figuring out an approach to it, until he decided what to do with the hair. Final chance, Major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero below! 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

In a comment to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's official Twitter (as detailed by @Herms98 on Twitter), series creator Akira Toriyama explained that Gohan's new form is officially named, "Son Gohan Beast." As Toriyama explained, "Gohan's had a few transformations in the past, but this time he needed to awaken to a new one. Gohan has achieved his own unique evolution, based off the sort of awakenings he had as a boy." Noting that he named the form "Beast" because it should be like Gohan awakened a beast within himself. 

With that in mind, Toriyama tried a unique design at first, "For the design, I tried drawing him with a scary face and pale skin, but somehow this didn't feel like Gohan." Then he decided to go another route from there, "So instead I just gave him the usual big upturned hair, which went over surprisingly well." Revealing that the staff thought it looked cool, Toriyama then had more confidence in Gohan Beast's design and decided to fully go forward with it

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