Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals First Look at New Manga

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was the first new anime release in the franchise in four long years, and now fans have been given the first look at what to expect from its big manga debut! Dragon Ball Super fans have been asking to see more of the anime ever since Dragon Ball Super: Broly first hit theaters around the world, and following an unexpected delay, fans finally got to see the next major step in the anime. It opened up all sorts of possibilities for the future, and now fans can't wait to see what could be coming next.  

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is getting a new take on the movie with a new manga adaptation hitting shelves overseas in the near future, and while the manga release will have some plans of its own when it comes to this new movie, this manga adaptation seems to bring the story into a whole new kind of medium. Now we have been given the first look at what to expect from the manga with the look at its cover art that you can check out below as spotted by @DbsHype on Twitter: 

How to Check Out Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's Manga

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero released around theaters earlier this year, and it's teased as such, "The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals, who carry on its spirit, have created the ultimate Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two Androids call themselves "Super Heroes". They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan…What is the New Red Ribbon Army's objective? In the face of approaching danger, it is time to awaken, Super Hero!" If you're curious about how it shook out, you can check out ComicBook.com's review of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero here

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The Dragon Ball Super manga will be kicking off a new arc starting next month that will actually be tying into the events of the new movie. While the extent of this crossover has yet to be revealed, this new "Super Hero" arc teases that the manga release will fall in line with the timeline seen in the anime's releases too. Now it's just a matter of seeing how all of these manga releases shake out. 

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