Dragon Ball Super Extras Tease the True Birthplace of Piccolo's Race

Piccolo hasn't had much of a role to speak of in the latest storyline of Dragon Ball Super's manga, The Granolah The Survivor Arc, though the Namekian race has gotten the spotlight thanks to the inclusion of Monaito, the elderly Namek who pals around with Granolah and created the Dragon Balls of the planet Cereal. In a shocking revelation, the official website of Dragon Ball has apparently hinted at the true origins of the Namekian race, throwing a major monkey wrench into the people that are responsible for creating the Dragon Balls both on Earth and beyond.

The Official Dragon Ball site shared the idea that the Namekians might not even originally be from Universe 7, with Super having explored a number of different realities in the past of the sequel series. Laying out the new origin details, the site shared the following description:

"Let's take a moment to highlight a certain bombshell that dropped partway through the Granolah the Survivor Arc. Check out this scene where we find Elder Muri passing on his knowledge to the next generation of young Namekians. 

"Most likely, though we can't possibly know of all of them. You see, we Namekians moved to this universe from another realm altogether... and I've heard that some settled in places far from Planet Namek."

What's that? Namekians are from a different realm altogether?! Although, now that you mention it, that's not so surprising seeing as they have a wealth of supernatural powers and created the Dragon Balls, which, according to Elder Kai, would normally be forbidden and was permitted only to the Namekians due to their solemn and serious nature. Not to mention they inherently possess the dignity and grandeur necessary to become Earth's guardians."

The site also shared a moment from Dende in the past of Dragon Ball Z, in which the Shonen franchise reveals that while a handful of Namekians might have originated from Planet Namek, there are others that might have very different origins:

"So far, it's perhaps the case that we've all been under the assumption that Namekians originated from Planet Namek, but according to Muri, that's only true for a portion of Namekians."

Piccolo is slated to be a major part of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie that releases next year, though with more detail being given to the Namekian race, perhaps he'll appear in the future of the manga as well.

Via Dragon Ball Official