Dragon Ball Super Has Vegeta Exploring a Bold New Training Technique

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter has come with the notable detail of Vegeta embarking on a new training regiment – a bold one, for him. The story of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 93 finally concludes the manga story arc that serves as a prequel to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. The Super Hero film conveniently removed franchise leads Goku and Vegeta from the equation by having them be away from Earth, training intensely on Lord Beerus's planet. Well in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 93 we get more depth on what the nature of that training was, and it reveals some interesting new developments for Vegeta. 


During Dragon Ball Super Chapter 93, Goku is pushing Broly to learn how to fight without losing himself to Berserker rage. During a break in training, Goku realizes that Vegeta is being unusually quiet and peaceful because he is meditating, of all things! 

When Goku inquires why Vegeta is meditating, Vegeta explains that he's put pride aside to see why he's lost so many battles in recent times (to Jiren, Broly, Moro, Gas, and Freeza Black). In Vegeta's estimation, he and Goku are still too inefficient with how they wield their incredible Saiyan powers. Vegeta thinks that in order to reach peak efficiency he must learn how to make his spirit and body relax more while in the heat of battle: 

"Attack in a relaxed state keeps the enemy from reading one's moves," Vegeta explains. "Doing so allows for instantaneous explosive power, and will also preserve stamina. Our foes are capable of that. I am not, so this phase of my training must take place in my own mind." 


Whis is thoroughly impressed with how Vegeta has reached this conclusion – and indeed, it is a major convergence of a lot of the ideas that Dragon Ball Super has been exploring in recent story arcs. The Moro Arc saw Vegeta and Goku break apart and pursue separate paths of training, in order to beat the evil sorcerer. Vegeta went to Planet Yardrat (the source of the Instant Transmission technique) and learned "Spirit Control," a technique of managing ki and using that spiritual energy in a variety of ways. The subsequent Granolah Arc saw Vegeta achieve a new form, "Ultra Ego," which merges his Super Saiyan abilities with God of Destruction powers. 

It's admittedly a bit confusing, as Ultra Ego was supposed to be Vegeta's unique pathway to a new form of power – one better suited to his psyche than Goku's Ultra Instinct. However, this latest Dragon Ball Super chapter seems to bend Vegeta toward once again developing his power levels in the same vein as Goku, as this new "training" sounds a lot like the mentality that is supposed to take Goku to new levels of Ultra Instinct. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 93 is available to read online