Dragon Ball Concept Art Brings Super Saiyan Rose Vegeta to Life

Dragon Ball Super has been the most colorful Dragon Ball series yet, both literally and [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been the most colorful Dragon Ball series yet, both literally and figuratively. DBS has taken Dragon Ball Z's Super Saiyan concept to some strange new places, like Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct - and even some villainous forms of those same powers. Indeed, one of the most famous transformations Dragon Ball Super introduced was the "Super Saiyan Rosé" form revealed by Goku Black, the evil version of Goku from an erased timeline. Of course, like so many things in Dragon Ball lore, fans saw the concept for Goku Black and quickly wondered: Where's Vegeta's Rosé form?

This Dragon Ball Super fan tries to give fans the Vegeta Rosé concept that they've been asking for - and does a pretty spectacular job of it! Not only does this look like a fitting concept for Vegeta Rosé, it also looks perfectly in line with what a villain like Zamasu (the evil kai who killed Goku and took his body to become Goku Black) would dress and pose like. That said, Dragon Ball thrives on its visual iconography, and this Vegeta Rosé design certainly fits the bill.

If we're all being honest though, this artwork looks like something that would be more likely to come from Dragon Ball Heroes, rather than the official Dragon Ball Super series. Zamasu actually returned from the dead in Dragon Ball Heroes' recent "Universal Conflict" arc. The non-canon promo anime didn't get too deep about how "Resurrected Zamasu" came back from the dead. The evil kai ended up in league with the villain group The Core Area Warriors, as part of a plan by the group's leader, Hearts, to cultivate a god-killing weapon called The Universe Seed, using the energies of warriors from across the universe. Unfortunately for Zamasu, Hearts' plan includes the treacherous act of sacrificing the evil kai to the Universe See, in order to obtain the power he needs.

That was the quick promo-anime version of revisiting Zamasu, but it did get fans thinking about how the villain could actually make a return in Dragon Ball Super. With the convoluted time-travel multiverse backstory to Zamasu and Goku Black, it would be just as easy to say another Zamasu appears from a wayward timeline - one in which he either became "Vegeta Black" instead of Goku, or had his Goku Black persona partner with a Vegeta Black Zamasu, instead of Future Zamasu.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.