‘Dragon Ball’ Fans Have Questions About Zamasu’s Revival

Dragon Ball knows a thing or two about resurrection, but that hasn't stopped fans from questioning the reason some characters come back to life. These days, it looks like Fused Zamasu is the series' most recent revival to spark questions, and netizens are desperate for answers.

For those of you confused by Zamasu's return, the character is back and more terrifying than ever. The character debuted back in Dragon Ball Super as the major antagonist of the 'Future Trunks' arc. The story ended with Fused Zamasu being destroyed by Zeno who wiped out the baddie's reality. However, it looks like Fused Zamasu is not as dead as fans once thought.

Thanks to the new arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, audiences were reunited with Fused Zamasu out of nowhere. The promotional anime ended the 'Prison Planet' arc by having a cybernetically enhanced Zamasu save Cumber from Goku after the hero took down the evil Saiyan. The character's sudden arrival surprised Goku to say the least, and his updated look piqued curiosity. With one eye fitted with a robotic implant, Fused Zamasu appears to look much like Mecha Freeza with his upgrades, and the villain escapes with Cumber in tow.

So far, there is no word on how Fused Zamasu came back to life after having his basic existence wiped by Zeno. The small deity may not look scary, but Zeno is the most powerful figure known in the Dragon Ball multiverse. With a simple snap, Zeno is able to delete all of reality if he'd like, so fans were convinced Fused Zamasu was a goner after the god took him down. Now, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has introduced the idea of a Zamasu revival, and fans have plenty of questions about how the villain could pull off such a comeback.

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