Dragon Ball: Freeza Actor Launches GoFundMe Amidst Latest Hospitalization

Dragon Ball fans are coming together this April to bring some relief to one of their favorite [...]

Dragon Ball fans are coming together this April to bring some relief to one of their favorite voice actors. As some may know, the original voice of Freeza has been fighting an array of health issues stemming from his COPD. Christopher Ayres gave fans a joyful update not long ago when he received a lung transplant at last, but it seems some complications have prompted the English dub star to reopen his donation page over his medical expenses.

"As some of you know I'm back in the hospital (have been for a month) to correct a problem that can cause major trouble with my transplant. So I am sharing the info for my go fund me again. A huge thank you to all who've donated and boosted the signal. I appreciate so much," Ayres said on Twitter, and fans responded in kind.

Freeza Final Form
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As you can see on the GoFundMe page here, Ayres says the setbacks following his transplant have only motivated him, but they have become another major burden on his finances.

"While I have been incredibly blessed throughout this journey, I have also seen a few setbacks, since the initial transplant surgery. The mucus around one of my lungs had hardened, preventing it from inflating properly. To correct this, doctors had to go in for a second surgery to clean the walls of the lung. That fixed that problem, but was a second surgery that kept me hospitalized an additional month. I am currently recovering from another surgical procedure (performed on June 10th) to stent and airway that was 3/4 blocked. This is also an additional surgery that I had not planned on," the actor wrote.

"So many have done so much to help, and I quite literally owe them my life. I am continually amazed at the generosity of this community, and I look forward to a time one day when I am in a position to return that generosity somehow."

At this point, fans have rallied for Ayres in a big way. His GoFundMe has raised upwards of $53,000 USD amidst its goal of $75,000. Clearly, fans are hoping Ayres makes a full recovery from his most recent setbacks and is able to return to his acting passion as soon as possible.

We're sending our best wishes to Ayres during this difficult time! Send him love here on Twitter if you'd like.