Dragon Ball Super Actor Christopher Ayres Releases Statement on Recent Surgery

These days, the Dragon Ball fandom is lifting up one of the show's stars. The voice actor behind [...]

These days, the Dragon Ball fandom is lifting up one of the show's stars. The voice actor behind Freeza as not been shy about his on-going battle with COPD on social media. In fact, Christopher Ayres helped educate thousands on the disease's effects, and many rallied behind the actor as he waited to undergo a transplant surgery that would change his life.

Thankfully, such a surgery was done on Ayres earlier this year. Fans have been sending the actor well wishes as he recovers from surgery, and he shared a touching message to his followers not long ago.

"As much fun as it was posting about lung transplant memes, I thought it was time to post something serious. For anyone who hasn't heard, I am so happy to say I got my lung transplant on October 31, 2019 after almost two. Years of being on the transplant list," Ayres confirmed.

"I am doing ok, but I am still in the hospital. I have a lot of recovering and rehab left to do before I can leave so I am not sure how long I will be here. That's normal though. After all, they sliced me in half and swapped out some of my biggest organs."

Continuing, the actor thanked those close to him for their support and paid tribute to the organ donor who chose to pass on their lungs to give someone else a renewed lease on life.

"I am grateful for my lungs, and so incredibly grateful for the kind soul who decided to become an organ donor. I hope somewhere, he knows what a hero he is, and how hard I will work to deserve this gift."

While Ayres continues treatment, the Dragon Ball fandom is standing behind the actor through each step. If all goes well, it will not be too long before Ayres is back at work and treating audiences to grand stories about Freeza's galactic conquests at local conventions the world over.

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