Dragon Ball Star Christopher Ayres Speaks to Fans for First Time Following Surgery

No one ever said acting is an easy gig, and there are all sorts of things which can stop you from getting a gig. From reputation to skill, acting is a job that requires a bit of lucky and lots of nerve. For anime voice actors, this truth is doubled given the medium's niche status, but the support which the fandom is showing one actor is by no means small.

After all, Christopher Ayres was able to get a much-needed lung transplant not too long ago, and the Dragon Ball actor is ready to speak to fans after the difficult ordeal.

For those who do not know, Ayres has been vocal on social media about his declining health for some time. The actor, who voices Freeza in Dragon Ball Z Kai as well as Dragon Ball Super, learned he has something wrong with his lungs. Not long afterwards, the actor was disposed with COPD, a condition which effects the lungs over a long period of time. It seems Ayres fought with the disease rather quickly which further deteriorated his condition. But thanks to a generous organ donor, Ayres has a second chance at life.

Of course, the ordeal is an emotional one, and Ayres has been quiet on social media since he got his lung transplant. Now, the actor is finally speaking out about the ordeal, and he is thanking fans for all of their support with a fun message:

"New lungs, who dis," the actor asked. Having changed his Twitter name to match his increased air intake, fans are excited to see how Ayres recovers moving forward and hopefully hops into a Dragon Ball project before too long.

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