Dragon Ball Z Artwork Reimagines Goku's First Fight with Broly

Dragon Ball Z fans know Broly really well, and it would be hard for them to forget how his first [...]

Dragon Ball Z fans know Broly really well, and it would be hard for them to forget how his first fight with Goku went down. The characters first met in a movie which debuted years ago, and Broly has still pushed forward with his legacy. Despite being in a recent film, fans go back to Broly's original debut to relive its nostalgic moments, but one artist decided it was time to reimagine one of its most famous scenes.

Over on Twitter, the artist ruto830 chose to give Goku and Broly a lil' makeover. They took the pair's famous fight and chose to draw one of its many highlights from a new perspective. Instead of getting a third-person POV view, fans got to see what Goku did when Broly was lifting him up by the head.

And yes, the whole scene is as gnarly as you'd imagine.

As you can see above, the Dragon Ball Z artwork focuses on Broly as the piece is from Goku's perspective. The artwork is framed by the Saiyan's drooping eyes as Goku is nearly unconscious during this fight. Broly is a beast in battle even in his base form, but his power levels go off the charts when he turns into his Legendary Super Saiyan form.

Of course, Broly is plenty pleased by the damage he has caused Goku. His arm is outstretched from where he is holding Goku by the face, and he only needs one hand to hold up the hulky Saiyan. As for the rest of Broly, he is as buff as you remember, and his face dons a vicious smile. After all, there are few things Berserk Broly likes more than carnage, and he has caused plenty of it in this shot.

This iconic scene of Broly holding Goku remains a favorite to this day, but fans are glad the pair are on better terms. The first and only film created for Dragon Ball Super not only canonized Broly but helped him come to terms with Goku. But if the pair were to fight, there is a good chance Broly would recreate this scene if he could get a good hold of Goku!

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