Dragon Ball Z Just Brought Its Best Sub to Crunchyroll

Dragon Ball is in the headlines right now thanks to its new movie, but that is not the only thing keeping Goku afloat right now. If you did not know, Crunchyroll is working around the clock to bring all of Goku's adventures to its catalog following the brand's merger with Funimation. And now, a new report has confirmed Dragon Ball Z is now available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Earlier this year, the streaming service welcomed Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT to its service as Funimation began moving its catalog over. Now, it seems the site's offerings for Dragon Ball Z have expanded.

"In addition to the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z that was previously made available, fans can now watch all of the classic anime-adapting the action-packed manga by Akira Toriyama-in its original Japanese thanks to the launch of the subtitled version," Crunchyroll confirmed in a new statement. Currently, the site has over 250 episodes from Dragon Ball Z's Dragon Box collection. This means the episodes streaming look identical to those that were aired in Japan decades ago, so fans of the show's old-school aesthetic will be happy.

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As for where these episodes are available, Crunchyroll has opened them to most English-speaking regions. Notable exceptions include Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Nordics.

Of course, you can imagine how pleased fans are to binge these Dragon Box episodes, and there is more on the way for the IP this year. After all, Gohan and Piccolo just took center stage in their own movie overseas. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will go live stateside in a matter of days, and its premiere in other international markets are on the horizon. 

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