Dragon Ball Super Teases Goku's Final Ultra Instinct Goal

Dragon Ball Super has a new movie on the horizon, and for those who follow the manga, you will know its current arc is on the out. After months of back and forth, Granolah is ready to shut down his arc, and Goku is helping wrap everything up. Just recently, the hero brought the arc to its climax with some help from his new power. And as it turns out, the artist behind Dragon Ball Super knows what Goku's Ultra Instinct endgame is going to be.

The update comes from Toyotaro as the illustrator did an interview with Shueisha just recently. It was there the artist was asked all about Goku's new power, and Toyotaro made it clear that the Saiyan hasn't mastered the ability to use Ultra Instinct unconsciously.

"For example, Whis is able to constantly use Ultra Instinct without any special transformation. So if you can stay in the Ultra Instinct state at all times, whether you're asleep or awake, that would be optimal. I want fans to see that Goku is getting closer to that level," Toyotaro shared.

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So far, Dragon Ball Super has yet to give Goku total mastery over Ultra Instinct, but he has found a variety of ways to tap into the state. Back in the day, Ultra Instinct Sign made its debut against Jiren before its complete version went live. Since then, other versions of Ultra Instinct have been shared like its true form, but none of them have been mastered. Goku will not be able to tap into that final form until he uses Ultra Instinct at all times as if he were breathing. And after his latest bout with Gas, Goku is definitely making headway with his big goal.

What do you think about Toyotaro's latest comment on Ultra Instinct Goku? Do you think the Dragon Ball Super star can reach this level? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.