Locate All Seven Dragon Balls With This DBZ Radar Keychain


Amazingly, you can locate all seven Dragon Balls and summon an Eternal Dragon using Bulma's inexpensive Dragon Radar keychain. It's available on Amazon and Entertainment Earth for only $14.99. It features button-activated lights and sounds to alert you when Dragon Balls are near - which is all the time and everywhere you go apparently. The official description reads:

"Designed to detect electromagnetic pulses, Dragon Radar is excellent for finding and collecting all 7 Dragon Balls, so this replica Dragon Ball Z Radar Key Chain features flashing lights and pulsing sounds to alert you when Dragon Balls are near. Push the button at the top of the keychain to activate the mock-radar features. With a brushed metal finish, this item can be attached to your keys, belt loop, or backpack via the secure metal keyring."

Then again, you can skip the hunt altogether with the new, officially licensed Dragon Ball Z collector's set, which is on sale for $69.99 via Amazon and Entertainment Earth. It contains all seven Dragon Balls in a satin-lined display box.


On a related note, this officially licensed Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Saiyan Pod / Attack Ball / Space Pod Heat Change Mug can transport you from sleepy to Super Saiyan thanks to a generous 500 ml (16.9 oz) capacity for that sweet, sweet caffeine. Plus, the addition of hot liquid will make Vegeta appear in the pilot's seat!

The ceramic DBZ Attack Pod mug is available to pre-order right here for $19.99 with shipping slated for March.

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Finally, Funko revealed its next wave of Dragon Ball Z figures as part of a huge London Toy Fair event earlier this month. You'll can pre-order them all right here with shipping slated for June.

As you can see in the image above, the wave includes new versions of Nappa, Vegeta, Goku, Raditz, Chi-Chi, Kid Buu, and Frieza.

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