Android 12 Announcement Has Been Overtaken By Dragon Ball Fans

Google has recently released the first look at its latest operating system in Android 12, and [...]

Google has recently released the first look at its latest operating system in Android 12, and perhaps unsurprisingly, fans of the Shonen franchise of Dragon Ball have taken to social media to share their appreciation of Dr. Gero's greatest creations in the face of this announcement. While the Android Saga introduced us to Androids 16-18, along with Dr. Gero himself as a cyborg, Akira Toriyama has given us plenty of mechanical beings that have both assisted and attempted to eradicate, the Z Fighters.

Android 12 was an Android that we weren't ever able to see, being one of the "lesser" creations that Gero had created in the past. During the original series of Dragon Ball, Goku became fast friends with one of these creations in Android 8, who held a striking resemblance to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. While the Androids of 13, 14, and 15 were never made canon, they did appear in the seventh film of the Dragon Ball Z franchise, with 13 absorbing the strength of his two "brothers" to become "Super 13" and become more than a match for Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks in their early Super Saiyan forms.

Twitter User That Boy Jackaboy was one of many netizens that made the hilarious comparison to Google's upcoming operating system and the various mechanical creations of Dr. Gero that have ranged from full-blown villains to shaky allies for the Z Fighters:

While the anime is currently on hiatus, the manga series for Dragon Ball Super has continued and recently employed the strength of Androids 17 and 18 in the battle against the nefarious sorcerer known as Moro. With their energy as creations of Dr. Gero being impossible for the villain to absorb, the siblings who were once dead set on killing Goku became the perfect allies to the Z Fighters in this battle to save the universe. While they have yet to appear in the latest storyline of the manga, Granolah The Survivor Arc, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if they lent the Z Fighters a helping hand once again.

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