Dragon Ball Cosplay Highlights Android 18's Super Look

Dragon Ball Super has seen a number of characters introduced in the prior series of Dragon Ball [...]

Dragon Ball Super has seen a number of characters introduced in the prior series of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z get big makeovers and power boosts along the way, but Android 18's attire change is definitely a notable one as one fan has decided to replicate the more laid-back look via spot-on Cosplay. In the anime, the last big battle that 18 participated in was during the Tournament of Power Arc, tracksuit and all, though fans of the manga saw the creation of Dr. Gero assist the Z Fighters in the battle against the sorcerer known as Moro.

Android 18 was a big help to the Z Fighters throughout the series of Super, joining her husband Krillin in getting back into shape for the Tournament of Power. Though her brother 17 ultimately won the Tournament, using his wish to bring back to life all the competing universes that were essentially blinked out of existence, it's clear that 18 had a heavy role to play in the proceedings. 18 herself has mostly stuck with the tracksuit look throughout the sequel series, putting her original look from the Dragon Ball Z installments to the side as she continues to fight alongside Goku and his friends.

Instagram Cosplayer Ashlynn Dae shared this new look at Dragon Ball Super's tracksuit look for Android 18, which she wore while battling against the other universes of Akira Toriyama's series and then subsequently in the manga story of the Moro Arc:

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Dragon Ball has always been a series that hasn't been afraid in turning its villains into heroes, with the Androids being just a few examples of several antagonists that eventually joined the side of the Z Fighters, including the likes of Piccolo, Vegeta, Freeza, and Majin Buu to name a few. While Android 18 has yet to play a role within the current arc of the manga in Granolah The Survivor Arc, it would definitely be no surprise if she were to help out the Earth-based fighters once again as she has done so often in the past.

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