Yes, Dragon Ball Fans - This Giant Yamcha Really Does Exist

Yep, this is real all right! Throughout the years, poor old Yamcha has been the butt of many jokes [...]

Yep, this is real all right! Throughout the years, poor old Yamcha has been the butt of many jokes throughout the franchise of Dragon Ball. Despite being one of the first Z Fighters to appear in the franchise, Yamcha just hasn't managed to keep up with Super Saiyans, Namekians, and alien warriors from different dimensions with God Ki. Still, the love for the down on his luck hero has managed to stick with fans throughout the history of the series and in honor of the one time bandit, an art museum in Shanghai, China has decided to display the wielder of the Wolf Fang Fist in a BIG way.

Twitter User LifeofWeebs managed to share these photos of the giant statue of Yamcha, in perhaps his most well known "pose" wherein he was killed by a Saibaman following the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa early on in the Dragon Ball Z series:

Yamcha has been given a few moments of note in recent years however, such as the "baseball episode" of Dragon Ball Super. In said installment, the former bandit took the lead of his baseball team, made up of Universe Seven's strongest fighters" seeing as how he had at one time used his inordinate strength and skill to become a professional ball player himself. Luckily, his skills manage to take them to victory but not before he re-enacts his now famous "pose".

Also, Yamcha has managed to get a spin-off manga all his own in the form of "Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Re-Incarnated As Yamcha" which focused on a Dragon Ball fan finding himself being re-incarnated as the Z Fighter. With an in-depth knowledge of the franchise, the fan manages to put his skills to good use in Yamcha's body, making the joke character into something of a force of nature early on. It's definitely worth your time if you have the opportunity to read this one.

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