Dragon Ball's Toei Animation Explains How the Studio Got Hacked

Dragon Ball Super hit a snag this year with a little delay, and by now, most fans know Toei Animation was behind the last-minute move. In fact, the studio was forced to postpone several anime releases this spring following a well-publicized hack. And thanks to a new report, fans have learned how exactly Toei Animation fell victim to the ransomware takeover.

Toei Animation released the findings of its investigation into the hack, and it turns out the crime was one of opportunity. According to the report, Toei Animation was accessed by an unauthorized third party after an employee downloaded business software laced with the ransomware virus.

"A Company employee downloaded a software required for business from an external website, which had been tampered with so as to simultaneously download a software program that would serve as the entry point for ransomware infiltration," Toei Animation shared. "Subsequently, on March 6, the Company confirmed the unauthorized access to its network by a third party."

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The studio went on to share the actions it took once the third-party access was discovered. Toei Animation also confirmed how exactly the hack led to several anime projects being delayed. "Following the unauthorized access by a third party, portions of the data in the Company's server and PCs were encrypted after being infected by the ransomware, which resulted in delays in parts of the regular operations and anime production for about a month," it shared.

Now, Toei Animation says operations are functioning as normal, and it has taken steps to avoid a ransomware takeover moving forward. The studio's shows have returned to the air with One Piece marking its comeback with one of the show's best episodes to date. And come June, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will make its debut in Japan before heading overseas to rake in box office bucks. 

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