Fairy Tail Artist Goes Viral Over Playboy Bunny Sketch

Mangaka Hiro Mashima has been working on the world of wizards that has become a behemoth in the world of Shonen since 2006, with the first series of Fairy Tail coming to a close in both its manga printed in Weekly Shonen Jump and its anime on the small screen. Recently, Mashima has gone viral thanks to a hilarious "Playboy Bunny" sketch that takes one of the series' most beloved characters and places them into a scenario that they otherwise would have never seen in the official Shonen story that has become beloved within the anime community.

Though Mashima's first anime series came to a close, the franchise of Fairy Tail has continued in the pages of the manga with the 100 Years Quest, a storyline that revisits the world of Nazu and company, acting as a sequel that sets them all on a brand new adventure. Recently, Hiro revealed that an anime adaptation of Fairy Tail's sequel was set to arrive in the future, continuing the television journeys of Natsu and his friends. With this latest sketch, Mashima has once again gone viral, not due to any reference to the sequel series, but thanks in part to putting the enigmatic character Jellal into a "Playboy Bunny" outfit.

Mashima shared the hilarious new sketch via his Official Twitter Account, placing the amnesiac Jellal into an outfit that he definitely wouldn't choose for himself, with the former evil mage set to have a role in the upcoming anime sequel series that once again takes us back to the world of wizarding in Fairy Tail:

The English translation of this Tweet by the Shonen creator reads as such:

"Since I drew it at the autograph session, Jellal's Bunny Cosplay has been stunk in my head, so I drew it again." 


Jellal is one of the most complicated characters in the history of Fairy Tail, originally losing his memory from his days as an evil made but having a strong relationship with Ezra Scarlet. 

What do you think of this hilarious sketch from the creator of Fairy Tail? Are you looking forward to the Shonen franchise's return to the small screen with the 100 Years Quest? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Natsu and his fellow wizards.