Fairy Tail Creator Manages to 100% Final Fantasy VII Remake While Working on Manga

Fairy Tail's anime, and main manga series, may have come to an end but the creator of the popular [...]

Fairy Tail's anime, and main manga series, may have come to an end but the creator of the popular anime franchise, Hiro Mashima, hasn't been resting and has been creating a manga spin-off entitled Fairy Tail: 100 Year's Quest, but while doing so, has apparently scored a major victory in the recently released, long awaited video game of Final Fantasy VII Remake! With these latest volumes acting as a sequel to the original series, fans are crossing their fingers that it will one day receive an anime adaptation of its own, and it's clear that Hiro is great at multi-tasking!

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been awaited for years, if not decades, since the original game's release on the Playstation 1, and with the wait finally over, it's clear that fans are diving back into the world of Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth to once again explore Midgard, with Hiro Mashima being no exception! Recently, the creator of the wildly popular anime franchise shared with his fans that he had been playing the latest adventure of Cloud Strife on the Playstation 4. Not only had he been playing the game, he had also played it to the point where he had "platinumed" it, aka gotten every last achievement which is truly a feat unto itself for any game!

Hiro Mashima shared a screen shot on his Official Twitter Account, touting the fact that he had scored one hundred percent of achievements in the latest iteration of the Final Fantasy VII universe, showing that he is able to juggle a number of projects as he is still working on the sequel to Fairy Tail in 100 Year's Quest:

As mentioned earlier, the anime for Fairy Tail has come to an end but that isn't stopping the creator from staying in the world and furthering the adventures of Natsu and his companions on their brand new journey. While there has been no word of an anime adaptation, the story is still early in its life cycle and we're sure that eventually the property will once again to the world of television via a series of its own considering how popular it has become among anime fans!

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