Fairy Tail Fan Dolls Up with Sultry Erza Cosplay

Fairy Tail cosplayers have plenty of characters to model themselves after, but few of them are as [...]

Fairy Tail cosplayers have plenty of characters to model themselves after, but few of them are as popular as Bunny Erza. The character might not look entirely intimidating from the outside, but fans of the franchise know Erza is one of the most powerful mages out there. Her love of costume changes only adds to Erza's charm all while making her an easy target for cosplayers, so the user natariya_sama took Erza's most famous look to another level with a new cosplay.

The Instagram user shared their most recent Fairy Tail piece with fans to celebrate the Easter holiday. The annual holiday sparked all sorts of cute cosplays from anime fans, but Erza would be the one to make things a bit spicier. There is no doubt the red-headed heroine would dress up for the special occasion, and her bunny suit fits Easter as well as any of her other outfits.

As for natariya-sama, she brings the Fairy Tail cosplay to life with a leather bodice that's much like the ones actual Playboy Bunnies wore. It is completed with some pressed white cuffs and a collar which ties together with a bow. Of course, the cosplay features a pair of fishnets tights and black pumps like any Playboy Bunny would, and Erza's red hair is held in place by a fixed rabbit headband.

This sizzling cosplay proves Erza can do more way more than just fight. There is something powerful in knowing the Fairy Tail member can be both sexy and strong. Sure, the series' creator Hiro Mashima may be a bit too explicit with his fan-service, but Erza never sacrifices her strength for sensuality. She doesn't care if her armor is revealing from time to time, and fans like natariya-sama have come to follow after Erza in embracing all sides of their femininity.

What do you make of this Fairy Tail cosplay? Do you think Erza would give her seal of approval? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!