Fairy Tail Brings Lucy to Life Through Magical Cosplay

Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia has been brought to life through some magical cosplay! Hiro Mashima's newest series is currently making its anime debut as part of the Spring 2021 schedule of new anime releases, and while Edens Zero is already starting to make waves with fans in Japan, fans have begun to use this opportunity to look back on the success of the previous work Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail found its success as fans were drawn to its central messages of strength through friendship, and there's no better example of this than the main duo of the series, Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel.

Mashima's works often place a main heroine together with a more naive main hero, and that was especially prominent through Lucy and Natsu's partnership. Their friendship grew stronger through each of their major battles in the series, and while fans never got to see that relationship taken to the next desired level, the series brought them closer than ever by its end. Artist @melissa_lissova honored this growth by going all the way back and showing off Lucy's first look in the series with some magical cosplay! Check it out below:

Lucy and Natsu's adventures are continuing through the official Fairy Tail sequel manga, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, as the two of them (along with some other notable fan favorites) take on the toughest quest ever. Fans are hoping this sequel series gets an official anime adaptation someday, and while one currently does not seem to be in the cards as of this writing, Mashima's franchises are indeed getting some anime love through Edens Zero's upcoming debut.

Making its first episode debut as part of the Spring 2021 schedule in Japan, Edens Zero unfortunately will be held off from its international debut for a little while longer. The series has confirmed it will be releasing through Netflix in outside territories beginning this Fall, so fans in North America and beyond will have to wait a bit before they get to see how Mashima's newest work has come to life.


At least there's still Fairy Tail to tide us over until then! What do you think? Where does Lucy Heartfilia rank among your favorite Fairy Tail characters? What are some of your favorite Lucy and Natsu moments? Let us know your thoughts all about it in the comments!