Fairy Tail Creator Thanks Fans for 2020 with Special New Year's Art

Late last year, the story of Fairy Tail came to a close by bringing an end to the adventures of Natsu, Lucy, and their friends in the anime, but the manga has continued with the anime protagonists beginning the 100 Year Quest in its pages and the creator wanted to take the opportunity to thank fans for their support in 2020 with a brand new sketch! Though an anime adaptation has yet to be revealed that will tell the story of this new adventure, that isn't stopping the creator, Hiro Mashima, from sharing his talents with fans at large!

Mashima himself is still hard at work telling the story of Natsu and his friends in this new Quest, but that isn't stopping him from starting other secret projects as he's noted in the past, and even spending time dedicated to some serious video game playing as Hiro touted that he 100 percented the Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier this year. With Fairy Tail receiving its own video game released in North America, it's clear that fans are still interested in the Shonen franchise despite the anime's conclusion.

Hiro Mashima shared two new pieces of art via his Official Twitter Account, one to thank fans for the outpouring of support during 2020 and another that celebrates the arrival of 2021 that many anime fans have been waiting to arrive with the coronavirus pushing back a number of different long-awaited projects:

The 100 Year Quest throws a new wrinkle into the journey of Natsu and company, with the adventurers being presented with a new goal that hasn't been achieved by anyone else due to the sheer level of difficulty required to finish it. Set with the goal of sealing the five dragons, we're crossing our fingers that we'll one day see this saga receive an anime adaptation of its own!

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