It's Time for a Family Guy Movie, Says Creator Seth MacFarlane

Family Guy first made its way to television in January 1999 under MacFarlane's guidance.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Family Guy, believe it or not. The show came to life in 1999 under creator Seth MacFarlane's guidance, and it has stayed the course. Over the decades, the Griffins have undergone all kinds of crude and wild adventures. And at a recent appearance, the creator of Family Guy stressed he's ready to give the series its own movie.

The confession went live at Paley Fest LA as the Family Guy cast gathered ahead of fans and press. It was there the show's team teased what is coming for the series, and MacFarlane said he's been sitting on a movie idea for Family Guy for years.

"I have known what that [Family Guy] movie will be for 15 years and I just haven't had the time to get to it," the creator shared.

Of course, you can see why MacFarlane has been busy. The creator has put together a number of top-tier titles outside of Family Guy. From The Orville to American Dad and Ted, the actor-writer has been incredibly busy. Most recently, MacFarlane found himself in the recording studio outside of Family Guy. The actor posted a Christmas album titled We Wish You the Merriest with Elizabeth Gillies. Now, it seems MacFarlane is turning back to acting as Family Guy preps its next season in the wake of its last finale. After all, season 22 came to a close on April 17.

Clearly, MacFarlane has an idea in place for a Family Guy movie, and the pitch is long coming. Back in July 2007, the first inkling of MacFarlane's movie dreams came to life. Since then, a number of reports have gone live about the production of a Family Guy film. Between 2012 and 2019, MacFarlane has stressed his interest in the project, and now the creator is reviving interest in 2024.

If you are not caught up on all things Family Guy, the show is streaming on Disney+ following the merger of Fox to Disney. The show has 22 seasons to date; No word has been given on when Family Guy season 23 will go live.

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