Exclusive ‘Free! Take Your Marks’ Clip Shows Off The Matsuoka Family

If you are in immediate need of swimming anime boys, then you are in luck. This spring, Funimation [...]

If you are in immediate need of swimming anime boys, then you are in luck. This spring, Funimation Films will team up with Asahi Broadcasting to bring the latest Free! movie to the US for a limited run. So, all of you Rin Matsuoka stans came to the right place.

As you can see above, ComicBook does have an exclusive clip of the film featuring the red-haired swimmer.

When the clip begin his, Rin is seen at his home packing when his younger sister interrupts. Gou asks if Rin needs help with his things, but the swimmer is doing fine on his own. Well, that is until their family's pudgy cat comes around and snubs Rin.

After being called by their mom, Rin and Gou grab food, but the boy doesn't grub until he pays respects at his father's memorial. When Rin reaches the table, Gou and his mother are enjoying tea and cake. The two women bicker playful about their cake while Rin takes in his childhood home and its markers of the past. The boy sees the tallies his parents etched in the wall to signal his height, and Rin shares a soft smile before eating his own slice of cake.

For those of you unfamiliar with this new film, it takes place just after season two of Free!, and its story will lead into the anime's third season which is set to debut this summer. Funimation Films will screen the English subbed feature in select theaters for one-night only on March 14. The special event will include a pre-show before the feature begins. You can check out if your local theater will screen the film here and buy tickets for you and your friends!

You can check out the film's synopsis below:

"Haru and Makoto are prepping to move to Tokyo, which means finding a place to live! While they're off searching, Nagisa, Rei, and Gou are left coming up with something big to enlist new Iwatobi club members. But can they fill the pool or is the club's future sinking fast?

Then, the boys of Samezuka are having their own time getting ready for the future! While Rin prepares for his move to Australia and Sousuke moves out of the dorm, Nitori and Momo want to do something big to thank their senpais. A visit to the hot springs should do the trick, right? But a misunderstanding about Gou could leave Rin unsettled and only a challenge in the water can set his mind at ease!"

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