Funimation Trolls MMA Fighter After He Rips On Anime Fans

An MMA fighter recently got much more than he bargained for when he took on anime fans.MMA fighter [...]

An MMA fighter recently got much more than he bargained for when he took on anime fans.

MMA fighter Andrew Tate decided to poke a beehive when he took a shot at anime fans on Twitter. "If you are over 15 and like cartoons you are a loser," Tate wrote. "Anime dragon ball Z etc. No excuse. Plus ANY woman loses respect for you. Grow up."

Well, as you can imagine, that didn't go over so well with the anime community. He was inundated with responses, though some actually did more harm than good. Even Funimation tweeted a GIF of Goku cracking his knuckles with the caption, "These hands are rated E for Everyone."

If they could have dropped the mic in GIF form they probably would have after that.

UFC fighter Ben Nguyen hopped in on the topic as well, writing, "Damn, sucks being top 10 in the world for @UFC and enjoying anime. I'm such a loser." Funimation didn't miss a beat either, offering up a, "The struggles right?" in response.

Later Nguyen would share another response, this one being a picture of his wife after a victory. "My wife last weekend capturing the Australian Super Bantamweight title. She also enjoys anime 😏," Nguyen wrote.

Tate has been sharing responses to his divisive remarks on his account, and as a reminder, this is also the same person that said depression isn't real. He brought that back up once again, tacking anime on at the end.

"I said depression wasn't real, and cartoons are s*** - a lot of the same people are triggered. Therefore - depressed losers love cartoons," Tate wrote.

To be clear, he doesn't have an issue with adult cartoons really, just anime for some reason. "Specifically anime. South Park was funny. Simpsons is s*** but popular whatever. Anime is for losers," Tate wrote.

So, to recap. Tate hates cartoons. Well, except for South Park... wait, and Simpsons, because ya know, it's popular, but anime? The devil. Hard to argue with logic like that.