Netflix's Ghost in the Shell Anime Teases Ending Theme in New Promo

Netflix is looking to have a big 2020 when it comes to its anime department, with returning [...]

Netflix is looking to have a big 2020 when it comes to its anime department, with returning favorites such as Aggretsuko, Baki, and The Seven Deadly Sins looking to make their comeback on the streaming service. With new anime such as Japan Sinks and Beastars both looking to make their debut this year, Netflix is taking things up a notch by re-imagining one of the biggest anime franchises to date in Ghost In The Shell SAC_2045! Now, the upcoming series has released a first look at its ending credits, appropriately keeping in step with the aesthetic of the world of Major Motoko Kusanagi!

Ghost In The Shell has always been a series that prides itself on its ability to present a world of futuristic technology that seems surprisingly realistic while also fantastical. With the series appearing as one of the top anime movies that fans still look at as one of the best examples of animation to date, it's clear that each interpretation makes good use of the current levels of technology for animation. With the series debuting in April of this year, there are sure to be a lot more tidbits revealed!

The ending theme is performed by artist Mili with the title of "Sustain++", creating an appropriate song for the futuristic tale that has become so commonplace in the world of anime fans! For fans looking to potentially see the series early, it will debut at AnimeJapan 2020 in March! The anime itself will have a full season of twenty four episodes, split into two arcs with twelve episodes released at separate dates.

What do you think of the ending them to Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045? What has been your favorite interpretation of Motoko Kusanagi to date? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Ghost In The Shell!

For those unfamiliar with Ghost in the Shell, the series was created by Masamune Shirow (as Mobile Armored Riot Police in Japan) in 1989. You can read its synopsis here: "Set in 2029 Japan, the series follows the Public Security Section 9, a counter-cyberterror organization led by Major Motoko Kusanagi (a woman forced to live with a cybernetic body due to an accident when she was young) as they investigate the crimes committed between machines and humans."