Gintama Announces Premiere Date for New Special

Gintama is getting ready to finally release its final anime outing next year, but before that fans can look forward to a new tie-in special that the franchise finally announced the release date for. Initially announced following the end of Hideaki Sorachi's Gintama manga last year, the anime will be getting a new (and purportedly final) feature film early next year. With this film being touted as the final entry for the anime franchise, and thus final entry for the Gintama series as a whole, it will be getting a special tie-in leading into the events of the film.

Gintama will be launching a new net anime special through the dTV service in Japan on January 15th to coincide with the release of Gintama: The Final on January 8th. This new special will tie into the events of the final film, and Warner Bros. Japan shared a hilarious tease for the announcement that sees Gintoki complain about how little is being revealed for the special. You can check it out below:

Gintama: The Final will be releasing in theaters in Japan on January 8th, but unfortunately an English language license of the film has yet to be confirmed as of this writing. This film will be adapting the final moments of the manga, but will be including new material made exclusively for the feature film. The promotional materials have been heavily emphasizing that this will be the final entry, but it's been slowly creeping to that level of meta-commentary that had fans questioning the manga's finale last year.


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