Gintama's Final Movie Shares Intense New Poster

Gintama's final movie is gearing up for its release next year, and now it has shared an intense new poster! Announced following the end of Hideaki Sorachi's original manga last year, this movie project is purported to be the finale of the anime franchise. Officially titled as Gintama: The Final, this new film will be making its way to theaters in Japan next January and will see Gintoki Sakata team up with all sorts of unexpected faces for what is most likely going to be an intense final battle. This is reflected in the newest poster for the film as it teases many of the characters we'll see in battle.

As shared through the film's official Twitter account, the newest poster for Gintama: The Final is a better look at the kind of character designs fans will see in the new film. It's definitely a more intense look than posters and promotional materials of the past, and coupled with the first trailer, Gintama fans are in for something special! Check it out:

Gintama: The Final is currently aiming for a release in theaters in Japan on January 8th next year, but there is unfortunately no word on an official release outside of Japan just yet. The new film will be adapting material from the manga's finale, but will be adding new story elements exclusive to the film. So there's no real way to know what to expect from it just yet!

Are you excited for Gintama: The Final? Are you secretly hoping more anime from the franchise is announced after the release of the movie? What are you hoping to see before it's all over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!