Gintama's Final Film Debuts First Trailer

Gintama's final film project has been shrouded in tons of mystery until now that we have finally gotten the first teaser trailer for Gintama The Final. Originally announced following the end of Hideaki Sorachi's original Gintama manga last Summer, this final film in the anime franchise has shared very little information as to what fans can expect from the last adventure with Gintoki and the others. But following the debut of the first poster last year, now we have finally seen just a little more of the upcoming project thanks to a new teaser trailer that you can see in the video above.

Warner Bros. Japan dropped the all too brief teaser trailer for the film, and unfortunately there is still not a lot to go on from what we can see. All there is to the newest trailer is Gintoki and the others arguing about the release of the upcoming film, and hilariously, they even mention the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic while making a hilarious change to the previously released poster for the film.

Gintama The Final will be releasing in Japan on January 8th next year, and while we have not seen much of the actual movie just yet it is good to know that production on the film is still continuing on during these current circumstances. It's clear that those behind the project have a great sense of humor in the matter (much like the rest of the franchise fans are familiar with at this point), and it's even better to get a confirmation that the film is still moving forward as scheduled.

Gintama The Final Movie Trailer
(Photo: Shueisha)

For those worried that the COVID-19 pandemic might have had a larger impact on the film's production than initially feared, the final Gintama film was always gearing up for an early 2021 release. With it now set so early into January, we will most likely see our first real footage from the film project this Fall. At the very least, it will certainly be before the end of the year. But what do you think?


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