Warner Bros Releases MonsterVerse Sizzle Reel With Godzilla And Kong

Earlier this week, Kaiju Fans celebrated the anniversary of the arrival of the current king of the monsters into theaters, celebrating Godzilla Day with various well wishes for the lizard king along with numerous fan works, with a new short film even being released which dives into the past of the kaiju. Though the future of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse isn't confirmed as of yet, Warner Bros Pictures has created a new video that is touted as a "Sizzle Reel" by taking five minutes of footage from the four films that helped introduce new versions of Godzilla, Kong, and other giant beasts.

The latest entry of the MonsterVerse was easily its biggest, with Godzilla Vs. Kong landing earlier this year and became the most popular movie in the series with both its theatrical release and its run on HBO Max. With the film once and for all letting fans know which of the pair of giant monsters was the strongest, the entry also went so far as to bring in one of Godzilla's biggest foes from the past, Mechagodzilla, into the fray. With the metal doppelganger receiving a new origin to fit into the modern re-telling of this world of giant monsters, the combined forces of Godzilla and Kong were able to put an end to its threat once and for all. 

Warner Bros released the new sizzle reel that does a fantastic job of compiling some of the biggest moments from the MonsterVerse that introduced the world to new versions of Godzilla, Kong, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Mothra, and many other classic kaiju from the history of Toho Studios: 

While the MonsterVerse's future is still up in the air, rumors have begun swirling that the director of the crossover movie, Godzilla Vs. Kong, will return with a new project that many believe will be titled "Son of Kong," Adam Wingard has been tight-lipped as to whether he will actually return to the MonsterVerse but the success of the kaiju might be enough to warrant future movies in the cinematic universe. 

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