Godzilla vs. Kong: Rebecca Hall Had Intense Experiences on Set

Rebecca Hall offered some intense dedication to Godzilla vs. Kong. The actress who Marvel fans may [...]

Rebecca Hall offered some intense dedication to Godzilla vs. Kong. The actress who Marvel fans may recognize for her work in Iron Man 3 joined the monster movie as one of the characters who serves as an ally to Kong. Not only did she take the time to learn sign language for the film, offering a welcome inclusion of the communication method, but she also had to endure some otherwise intense days on set. In one extended sequence of the film, Godzilla and Kong duke it out at sea while human characters watch from their ships. Hall's Ilene Andrews finds herself locked in an elevator shaft getting buried by water. To bring the scene to life, the set and sequence was more real than many other elements of the film.

"Ya know, funny thing about movies, everyone thinks it's made up, but often they just make you do it," Hall said enthusiastically while talking with ComicBook.com. You can see the full interview in the video above. "I'm like, 'So when it says that the water's coming in and I'm in this elevator and I'm trying to open the door. Yeah. I mean, how are we going to do that?' 'Oh, you're just going to get in the elevator and we're going to pour the water in and then you're gonna get out.' 'Okay.'"

The scene Hall is describing will be easy to identify when you watch Godzilla vs. Kong following its release on Wednesday. While the human characters might not be what draws you to the theater as the monsters are going to battle, there is no lack of dedication from the film's human cast members and their loyalty to each other and the filmmakers. "Obviously they take some safety precautions one hopes," Hall jokes. It's much more real than I thought it was gonna be. I was pretty alarmed but I felt good about it afterwards. I mean it was challenging."

This seems to be the story overall for making Godzilla vs. Kong. While the monsters were computerized and added in to destroy each other and entire cities, there were some environments of the film which the actors were really immersed in. "It was a little bit of both," Hall says of practical vs. CGI in the film. "There has to be the contained bits and then the jungly bit. So we had some sets and then we also go to go to Hawaii which for me was pretty... I wanted that to happen."

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